Damp Proofing and Timber Treatments. Expert Services in Bridlington Covering East And North Yorkshire

Our team of experienced professionals provides top-quality damp proofing and timber treatment services for properties in Bridlington and the wider Yorkshire region.

Damp Proofing and Timber Treatments. Expert Services in Bridlington Covering East And North Yorkshire

Our team of experienced professionals provides top-quality damp proofing and timber treatment services for properties in Bridlington and the wider Yorkshire region.

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Damp Proofing And Timber Treatment  Experts

Damp can be caused by various issues. The most common form of damp is caused by condensation, rain penetration and rising damp.

PAG property renovations and repairs are sovereign approved contractor that covers the Yorkshire areas ( Bridlington Scarborough Filey Whitby Pickering York Hull Hessel Hornsea East Yorkshire North Yorkshire West Yorkshire Leeds Selby Harrogate ) specialising in Property Care and Preservation including Damp proofing, Timber treatments, Condensation control and Water proofing.

If your property does not have a damp proofing course (DPC) or the damp proofing course is bridged or faulty, dampness will be able to rise through the ground into your walls.

Water penetration can also be a major cause of damp within a property, this can lead to issues such as wet rot. Penetrating damp often than not will be localised to one area within the property. PAG property renovations and repairs provides damp proofing solutions across Yorkshire.

Like the majority of the UK, Yorkshire has to deal with timber issues such as woodworm or decay by wood-rotting fungi, better known as wet rot or dry rot,  which affects both residential and commercial properties. PAG property renovations and repairs provides timber treatment solutions across Yorkshire.

Condensation is caused by a build-up of water vapour (humidity) from everyday living becoming trapped inside a property with inadequate ventilation. When warm or moist air encounters either a surface or air that is colder than it is, the warm air is unable to retain the same amount of moisture and the water is released either into the cold air or onto the colder surface, causing condensation to form, quickly followed by the appearance of mould. PAG property renovation and repairs provides condensation control solutions across Yorkshire.

Waterproofing a basement can transform an old and abandoned damp area into a beautiful living space for you to enjoy. It can also add value to your home and additional space. PAG property renovations and repairs provides waterproofing solutions across Yorkshire.

How Does PAG property renovations and repairs access the issues and provide a solution?

PAG property renovations and repairs will do a site visit and carry out a full thorough damp survey to assess the issues you have and provide you with a solution to your damp problem. PAG property renovations and repairs uses the latest Quantum Survey meters. These are new state of the art meters capable of measuring the moisture content in walls, floors and timber. The damp meters provide the air temperature, relative humidity and spot surface temperatures. These results are instant. 

We offer guarantee’s of up to 30 years dependent on the system used. 

Timber Treatment: For Wood Boring Insects, Wet And Dry Rot

PAG is a leading Yorkshire specialist in providing timber treatment services to building contractors, surveyors, and property developers across the city. The company is renowned as dry and wet rot specialists in east & North Yorkshire.

As a family business, the company has over 70 years of combined experience helping to identify and treat all manner of timber issues, including dry rot, wet rot, and woodworm. As one of Bridlington & Scarborough leading woodworm treatment contractors, PAG renovations, ensures that its services add value to a property, as well as reinforce its structural integrity.

Timber Treatment

As a leading woodworm treatment contractor and dry and wet rot specialist on the Yorkshire Coast, has worked across a range of different properties, including private homes, large commercial properties, heritage and historical buildings, and residential apartment blocks. The company often works as the principal timber treatment contractor alongside architects and surveyors on large-scale renovation and refurbishment projects, as well as advising on protecting against woodworm infestation.

Protecting the Very Fabric of Buildings through Timber Treatments

Timber is such an integral part of any building project, and so much building work involves the renovation and restoration of older timber-framed properties. Ensuring that these older properties are effectively treated for timber issues is crucial to the long-term integrity of the building as a whole. If left untreated, any inherent timber issues will erode the structure of the building and cause extensive damage.

PAG property, renovations and repairs has built up an reputation as an experienced timber treatment contractor and damp, proofing specialist, in and around the bridlington, Scarborough, Filey, Beverly areas, As well as woodworm treatment, we have developed a core list of services that address the full range of timber treatment issues, including wet and dry rot, condensation, and rising damp.

Fully Accredited Timber Treatment Solutions

At PAG, property, renovations each of our contractors is qualified with the necessary accreditations, including SMSTS CSCS What’s more, we adhere to British Regulations BS8102 2022, so you can rest assured your property is in reliable and trustworthy hands.

We work as timber treatment and woodworm treatment contractors for principal building contractors across East Yorkshire and North Yorkshire providing fully accredited and professional services with standard 30-year guarantees on all woodworm timber treatments and 20-year guarantees on all wet and dry rot timber treatments. These guarantees are assigned to the property and are fully transferrable should the property be sold on.

PIV Ventilation Systems

PAG – Property is a leading supplier and installer of Positive Input Ventilation systems to stop condensation on windows and walls. Prevent mould & damp, improve air quality/ventilation for people with asthma and respiratory problems.

We have a passion for indoor air quality and are driven by a desire to keep the costs of the supply of PIV systems to a minimum so that all can afford to improve their indoor air quality and protect the fabric of their homes and properties from the damage caused by condensation and mould. Our PIV products cure mould and condensation Guaranteed.

Some Of Our Recent Work

Take a look belowe at the images from some of the recent work we have completed for our customers.

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